Say It How? Im Black and Im Proud!

The struggle is real for Black people in America, it’s difficult to simply maintain ones train of thought without being bombarded by some new tragedy almost daily. I intended on discussing how difficult it is for the parents of victims such a Breonna Taylor, to not only deal with the loss of a child but the birth of a movement.  Being a new parent myself every time I hear a story I always find myself having the thought ‘thats someones child’ however, that thought was interrupted by news of another tragedy involving a mentally ill Black women who was tased to death by the police. The amount of injustice taking place against Black people combined with the internets ability to inform of said injustices can caused a feeling of inadequacy in ones actions. At least it did for me, causing me to ultimately talk about the importance of taking action and the many forms that can take. Educating ones self is only half the battle, ensuring the new found info is applied in real time is just as important otherwise you may as well be a Jeopardy contestant…..

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